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Places in the Bone (2019)
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Places in the Bone New Edition

Lincoln Square Books

In a series of unflinching vignettes laced with heartbreak and often with humor, Places in the Bone gives an unforgettable account of loss and survival, childhood secrets banished from memory, and the will of language to retrieve the missing parts of oneself and one’s past. Woven together with unmistakable lyricism, Dine’s narrative moves back and forth in time and place -- from the childhood bedroom that fills her with fear, to a hospital room after her surgery for breast cancer, to an adobe hut in a New Mexico artists’ colony where she escapes and finds her voice. 

This voice, it turns out, is a chorus -- a harmony of cries, both anguished and triumphant. Among them we hear a young girl speak about the abuse by her father; we hear the tormented reflections of a mother who, for several years after a divorce, loses contact with her young son; and we hear the testimony of a cancer survivor. Through it all, we feel the determination, courage, and creativity of a woman who has spent more than two decades confronting her past, her body, and her identity. Despite having struggled with a series of relationships, Dine finds positive influences in her life, including her mentor, Anne Sexton, who recognizes the fire in her words, and Stanley Kunitz, whose indomitable spirit provides enduring inspiration.

More than a story of personal loss, the memoir moves us with its humanity, its unnerving wit, and its defiant faith. As the fragments come together, we experience Dine’s joy in living and her reconciliation with the past that allow her to renew bonds with her son, her sister, and her mother. In page after page, the memoir witnesses the power of art to refigure a body, to transform suffering, and ultimately, to redeem. 

"Dine's prose is a poet's prose, often beautiful . . . [the book] reads like a skier on a slalom course full of jigs, jags, and quick jumps that capture a good amount of the fine surprises and sudden disasters in her life."
     - Norman Mailer


"...a startlingly honest exploration...(Dine)comes to a crucial understanding of how writing gives her ownership over her life."

     - ForeWord Magazine

"In this powerful memoir, poet Dine reflects...on how disease is just one aspect of a life worth living."

     - Library Journal

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Orange Night

Pucker Art Publications

ORANGE NIGHT, a collaboration between internationally acclaimed artist, Samuel Bak, and poet/author, Carol Dine, presents a unique dialogue on the subject of the Holocaust through stunning images and poetry. 

Author's Note: The writing helped me through a frightening time when I was having chemotherapy--another example of art's power.

“Orange Night achieves perfect balance between the staggeringly beautiful art of Samuel Bak and the exquisite poems of Carol Dine. Rarely have visual and literary expressions so wonderfully complemented one another: a fugue of echoes and melodies and afterimages all at the service of a moving illumination of the human condition.”
     - James Carroll, National Book Award winner

“Orange Night is eloquent in two related ways. The paintings by Samuel Bak are rich images of suffering and of grief transfixed by its knowledge of that suffering. Carol Dine’s beautiful, austere poems are themselves transfixed by what they see.”
     - David Ferry, National Book Award winner for poetry

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Van Gogh in Poems

Bitter Oleander Press

Poetry. Art. VAN GOGH IN POEMS, written in Vincent's voice, comments on specific drawings and paintings, while discussing the artist's creative process and state of mind. The book includes 18 images of his drawings from the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, the Kroller-Muller Museum, Otterlo, Netherlands, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City. 

Author's Note: For this book, I made three trips to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, where the curators gave me access to Vincent’s original drawings, even his sketchbook. 

"The words seem to have been written with the same pen as (Vincent) used to make the drawings and sketches chosen for the book. Carol Dine's observation of the drawings equals his observation of what he was drawing. Her words are strung on his life-line."

     - John Berger, Art critic, essayist.

"Carol Dine's spare, unerring poems pull us into Van Gogh's life and work. Every aspect of the struggle to make art comes alive -- from moments of deep personal grief and doubt to the pure joy of applying color to a canvas. How fortunate for us that Dine can articulate both the difficulty and absolute necessity of the artistic endeavor."

     - Jennifer Barber, Editor of Salamander


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