From Places in the Bone


In her office, the doctor holds up a Plexiglas drawing of inside a woman and runs a fingernail over the floating shapes I'm about to lose...I remember my college history professor facing a map of Europe and pointing to France, Poland and Czechoslovakia, all taken by the Nazis.

Expulsion 1

Samuel Bak

Courtesy of Samual Bak

From Orange Night




On the cot, the boy dreams that something crawls

from his pillowcase: an orange bird, the wet beak,

an oval eye; its feet, breaking through the bottom seam,

totter on the driftwood floor. All the walls are gray.

Someone has drilled an opening in the plaster above his head.

A real cloud peeps through the circle as in a faraway movie.

Suddenly, thundering boots, men shouting.

Stirring, the boy tries to stay asleep, not to miss the scene

when the bird steps toward the gaping hole, unfurls

its fluted cinnamon wings and lifts.

Self Portraits

Vincent van Gogh, January-june 1887

Courtesy of

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, NL

From Van Gogh in Poems



My features, voices, amplified, floating. 
The nose, a phallus at rest. Around the bend 
of brow, another brow forms a cliff.


Primitive circles, my eyes 
stalk afternoon shadows.

Barbed wire beard;
demonic lines scratch at my cheek.

Seen through the paper, 
absence retains its form.


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